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P.O. Box 18244
Baltimore, MD 21227

Dogs Finding Dogs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Join the Team

Dogs Finding Dogs welcomes any dog team who would like to work with us. We have a few requirements:

Proof of AKC CGC Certificate— Canine Good Citizenship Award

Basic Obedience (minimum)

At least 1 full year of Professionally Trained Tracking

Proof of all immunizations

Evaluation of tracking by Dogs Finding Dogs

You must also be somewhat flexible. We cannot anticipate when we are called out.

If you fill the requirements above, other than the evaluation, please email us and we will get back to you immediately.

DFD1 Team— K9 Heidi and Anne

Meet Heidi and Anne. Heidi is a 7 yr. old German Shepherd with just a splash of Labrador! She has a incredible nose and drive to perform searches for pets, people and objects. Along a search track she locates and downs on articles that a person or pet has dropped. 

She has successfully tracked dogs and people. Below are her citations for assisting our local police. 

governor citation

Click Here to read the Governor's Citationi.

Click here to read the Executive Citation.

Heidi is extremely friendly and gets along beautifully with dogs! All dogs are her friend whether they want to be or not. 

Heidi also competes in Schutzhund for tracking and obedience.  She has been awarded her AKC Canine Good Citizenship Certification.

Heidi is always ready to go search for one of her furry friends in need!

Her nose knows where your pet goes very easily!

Team 1


DFD2 Team— K9 Gretel and Anne

Meet K9 Gretel and Anne. 

K9 Gretel comes from the National Tactical Police Dog Associations breeding program. 

The president of Dogs Finding Dogs runs this certifying and training center.  She was sent up to Maryland as a 8 week old puppy and has been tracking ever since. 

K9 Gretel is a German Shepherd from great working dog lines.

K9 Gretel is very sweet and sometimes overly friendly. 

She has also learned her tracking by going out on tracks with our founder dog K9 Heidi.  Gretel has tremendous energy and drive.  She loves to work.  She has been raised with 6 cats and K9 Heidi.

We are pleased to have her as an addition to our teams.

Team 3



DFD3 Team— K9 Lessa and Mary

Meet Lessa and Mary. Lessa is a 9 yr. old German Shepherd. She has a incredible nose and drive to perform searches for pets, people and objects. Along a search track she locates and downs on articles that a person or pet has dropped. 

She has successfully tracked dogs and people (although she is really bored with tracking Mary). Tracking is her favorite job! She gets very excited and vocal when the tracking gear comes out! 


Lessa trains for Schutzhund in tracking and obedience.  She has been awarded her AKC CGC and her Schutzhund BH.

Lessa is a rescue dog from our local MidAtlantic German Shepherd Rescue. She now has a very happy home and does a terrific job with her tracking!


Team 2


DFD4 Team— K9 Maggie and John

Meet Maggie & John. Maggie is a 3 year old German Shepherd that loves tracking and obedience work.

Two of Maggie’s grandparents were search and rescue dogs and many of her kinfolk are police dogs and work in other capacities; so as Hank Jr. might sing, she is simply following a family tradition.

We knew Maggie was destined to look for lost pets when she found her neighbor “Snoopy,” a Beagle who had run away from home. Within 30 minutes Maggie took us to the back yard of the person who had found Snoopy and he was reunited with his family.


John has owned and trained Germans Shepherds most of his life and enjoys working with dogs. Maggie has her AKC CGC and her Schutzhund BH. She continues to train at Arrowwood Shepherds.


Team 7


DFD5 Team— K9 Keelah and Christine

Meet Keelah and Christine. Keelah is a 4 year old Shepadoodle - a mix between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle.  Keelah exhibits the best of both breeds, in that she is very intelligent and also has a drive to work. 

Soon after acquiring Keelah, Christine realized that she would need to find a "job" for her, as Keelah spent much of her day patrolling the yard and herding the other pets in the household.  Keelah's favorite activities include playing soccer, swimming, and of course, tracking.


Animals have always played an important role in Christine's life.  She became interested in tracking when a neighbor lost a feral foster dog in a 300 acre park.   She enjoys helping owners find their lost pets because she knows firsthand how devastating it is.  Christine's household currently consists of 3 cats and 3 dogs, 5 of which were rescues of one type or another.

Team 10


DFD6 Team— K9 Corpsman & Jim

Meet Corpsman and Jim.

K9 Corpsman and Jim are a terrific addition to the DFD search teams.  Jim has been training and tracking dogs for many years.  Corpsman has a 93% success rate.  He is cat friendly and dog friendly. 

Corpsman is a strong athletic Doberman who has terrific endurance. For our more difficult stolen dog cases, Jim and Corpsman surely send a message when tracking down the dognappers.


Jim being a trainer who specializes in dogs with behavioral problems fully understands what goes on in the minds of our little furry children.

Team 8


DFD7 Team— K9 Jean & Dick

Meet Jean and Dick. Jean is a Labrador with the hunt drive needed to get the job done.

K9 Jean and Dick are an incredible working pair. Jean is a very intelligent dog. She has been trained to aide the visually impaired as well as look for missing pets. Her very first track she was successful in helping to find a cat that escaped from a fire.


Dick brings superior organization for a crisis situation to DFD. He is in charge of the Emergency Command Post for Anne Arundel County. A retired firefighter as well gives him the edge on those interior building searches for pets that are hiding out of fear.

His ability to take control of a emergency situation cannot be beaten. Dick and K9 Jean help round out the expertise that the entire staff of DFD is made of.

Team 9


DFD8 Team— K9 Trusty and Wendy

Meet Trusty and Wendy.

K9 Trusty and Wendy bring the terrific nose of the Bloodhound to DFD. Trusty is a kind, gentle but determined SAR dog. Having the best known nose in the world, Trusty can smell the animals a great distance away. Her drive to find the missing pet goes unquestioned. Her big ears and pretty green eyes send the message of kindness and confidence.


Wendy is a certified handler thru the National Tactical Police Dog Association having completed their SAR program with flying colors. She is also a professional dog trainer. She brings expertise in both urban and wilderness tracking to the DFD team.

We are proud to have this team on our staff. The SAR techniques that Wendy offers help ensure that no stone goes unturned.

Team 10


DFD9 Team— K9 Athena and Kimberly

Meet Athena and Kimberly.

Athena is a 1 1/2 year old female German Shepherd with energy that never quits.   She has good drive, energy and stamina to follow a trail until it ends.



Athena was an owner surrender, turned foster turned rescue from a local German Shepherd Rescue in July 2014.  Together Kin and Athena have found a new calling.   Athena moves quickly along the track to locate people and animals.  She has developed  a very good nose…and she follows it not matter what size the toes! 

Athena has found her gift in life and will be working hard to ensure everyone has a happy ending at home…where the heart is! 

Team 10


DFD10 Team— K9 Achilles and Kimberly

Meet Achilles and Kimberly.

Achilles is a 6 year old male German Shepherd with a true dedication and eagerness to please.  He has good drive and compassion to see things through.



Achilles was an owner surrender turned rescue from a local German Shepherd Rescue in September 2011.  He makes everyone he meets want to follow him home...Achilles has done competition training in obedience  and gives 100% in everything he does.   Achilles dedicates some of his time to visiting senior citizens at local nursing homes.



Team 10


DFD11 Team— K9 Simon and Abril

Meet K9 Simon and Abril.

Simon is 2 yr. old Golden Retriever with high energy and a warm personality.

Abril rescued Simon from the Baltimore City shelter.  He was being brought in to be abandoned and he jumped into Abril's lap--it was love at first sight. 


Simon is a natural tracker and loves his job. Once he picks up even a faint scent of your furry friend, he keeps his nose on it until he finds his mark.  His nickname is "Hoover".  He tracks like a vacuum cleaner.

Simon and Abril make a great team.  They are both very determined and enjoy the great reward of seeing pets reunited with their owners.


Team 10


DFD12 Team— K9 Penelope and Chris

Meet K9 Penelope and Chris.

Penelope is a 3 year old retriever mix who loves to play and track.  She has a tremendous energy level and drive for the game of tracking.

Penelope is a rescue from the shelter in Baltimore City. Chris adopted her when she was 9 months old and they’ve been a dynamic team ever since.


Penelope loves tracking.  She is a kind sweet girl with terrific drive and attention towards accuracy when on a scent.  

She has taken obedience and sport classes at several centers in the area and has obtained her Canine Good Citizens certification.  Penelope is very dog and cat friendly.  She lives with 3 other dogs.



Team 10


DFD13 Team— K9 Ruby and Ted

Meet K9 Ruby and Ted.

Ruby is a Blue Tick Hound mix.  Ted rescued her from a shelter.  Her nose is terrific.  She is 2 years old. 

Penelope is a rescue from the shelter in Baltimore City. Chris adopted her when she was 9 months old and they’ve been a dynamic team ever since.


We first met Ruby when she ran away over the XMAS holidays.  In the process of catching her we saw her in action.  She is a wonderful addition to the DFD teams.  She will be working the Northern Virginia area.

Ted is very compassionate and is a high school teacher.  He has the patience of a saint.  His determination and ability to read a animals behavior is exceptional.



Team 10

DFD14 Team— K9 Zorro and Verena

Meet K9 Zorro and Verena.

Zorro is a 2 1⁄2 year old West Highland White Terrier.  Though he is small in size, he thinks of himself as a big dog.  Being a Terrier, his nose is constantly working and he seems to consider tracking more fun than work.


Zorro is not as fast as the big guys but he is very methodical and will be used in finding small animals because he can squeeze into small openings and places. He is very cat friendly having grown up with 2 cats in his house.  

Verena has dedicated all her time to Zorro with advanced obedience training and obtaining a Canine Good Citizens  certification with Zorro. 

Both Verena and Zorro are kind sweet souls who  will certainly go the extra mile to help a pet in need.

Team 10


DFD15 Team— K9 Riley and Felicia

Meet K9 Riley and Felicia.

Felicia acquired K9 Riley from a rescue situation.  He is a German Shepherd and is 13 months old.   His nickname is Marmaduke. He is very tall and long and is one of the sweetest dogs.  

K9 Riley is very pet friendly and has been raised with other dogs, cats and farm animals. 


Felicia's father was a K9 Maryland State Trooper. She has shared her whole life with police officers and their working dogs.  This knowledge of working dogs makes for a great team. 

Felicia and K9 Riley will be heading our new West Virginia office. K9 Riley is ready to find some of your furry loved ones!

Team 10


DFD16 Team— K9 Jazzy and Christine

Meet K9 Jazzy and Christine. 

Jazzy is a 3 year old Lab Mix; cat and dog friendly.. She is very intelligent, high energy and loves to work. She is a sweet dog with incredible drive. 


She follows a scent no matter where it may lead.  Jazzy is one of our teams in our new office in West Virginia.  She also comes down to Maryland to help out on those tougher cases that require more than one search dog at a time. 

Christine  is a Dog Trainer/Dog Behavioralist who specializes in rehabilitating dogs with behavior issues.  She also is a champion power lifter.  There is nothing that can stop this team from finding your pet!


Team 10


DFD17 Team— K9 Lexxi and Holly

Meet K9 Lexxi and Holly.

Lexxi is a 4 year old sable German shepherd. Lexxi is a proud project of DFD's. Lexxi first came to us as a fearful and traumatized dog.  She had seen her doggie buddy, Max, die at the hands of foul play.  Holly and DFD never gave up on helping her. 



Lexxi needed to focus on something positive and tracking was just the thing!  She now is happy and has a fun job helping to find missing pets.  It just shows you should always give a dog a chance. 

Holly is a professional dog groomer.  She trains dogs with great patience and love.  This team warms our hearts and we are proud to have them working in our new West Virginia office.


Team 10


DFD18 Team— K9 PJ and Sherry

Meet K9 PJ and Sherry.

PJ is a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier who loves to work. He was found abandoned and now loves having a job.   PJ is currently in training with an emphasis on finding cats.  Just the right size to get under those tight hiding spots that the kitties hide in. 



Sherry has worked with rescuing animals all her life . She fosters dogs for our military when they are assigned overseas and has driven dogs and went twice to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  Sherry also is our Intake Manager and devotes all her attention to each and every person who calls for help. 


Team 10


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